About us...

Nighthawk Natives Nursery is a wholesale native plant nursery offering a diverse selection of healthy plants endemic to the Sonoran Desert. Our plants enhance and beautify the landscape to sustain a healthy environment for people and animals. We offer container-grown

plants to retail garden stores, as well as providing plants for habitat restoration projects.

At Nighthawk Natives Nursery, we understand the unique needs of each project. That's why we are more than willing to provide plants in various sizes of containers, from seedling liner stock up to twenty-five-gallon containers. We also collect site-specific seed and plant material when needed, ensuring that your project receives the best possible support from us.

Berni Jilka, owner and manager of Nighthawk Natives Nursery, started the native plant business in her backyard in 1993, using empty neighborhood lots to expand production. In 2004, Berni and her husband, Gary, owner of Wildlands Restoration, purchased ten acres of cattle-grazed chaparral in Avra Valley, where Berni relocated the nursery. They also began establishing plots of native plant species for seed production.

Please get in touch with Berni at nighthawknatives@gmail for a current availability list. Nighthawk Natives delivers plants to Tucson and the surrounding area, and plants can be picked up in the nursery yard.